Hana Herbs & Flowers

We offer a diverse selection of the world’s finest herbs and tropical flowers grown year round in the rich volcanic soils of Hawaii. Hana Herbs & Flowers can send a wonderful box of fresh herbs to anywhere on the mainland, including our popular Pohole (Maui Fern Shoots), recipes, and other fun herbs. Our fresh, edible, gourmet Tropical Fern Shoots are known throughout the world as Pohole (Island of Maui), Ho‘i‘o (Big Island of Hawaii), Warabi (Japan), Pako (Philippines), Kosade (Korea) and Fiddlehead across the mainland. For the freshest flowers and herbs at affordable prices, call us or check our website at www.HanaHerbs.com. P.O. Box 323, Hana, HI 96713.

625 Kakio Rd, Hana,,HI,96713