EXPEDITIONS can arrange a variety of “Explore Lana‘i” packages. On our 4X4 Trekker tours, experienced guides will share with you the history of the island, facts on the flora and fauna and colorful local stories all while you venture in comfort to Garden of the Gods, Shipwreck Beach and ancient petroglyphs. Horseback and UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicles) tours are also available, or we can arrange a personal jeep rental for you to explore the secrets of Lana‘i on your own. Shoot at the Lana’i Archery and Shooting Range where they offer Sporting Clays, Skeet or Archery. Golf at the Manele Golf Course. All “Explore Lana’i” packages include round trip transportation on Expeditions. Call 661-3756 to make your reservations or for more information. Better yet visit go-lanai.com and view all the activities on Lana‘i. (808) 661-3756; 800-695-2624, www.go-lanai.com

658 Front St, Lahaina,,HI,96761